Type of Lesson

Please when attending any of the services below, if you are new fill out a rider registration form.

Adult Group Lesson

A maximum of 6 riders grouped by ability, one hour duration.

Child Group

Approximately 6 riders grouped by age and ability, half an hour duration.


Groups of up to 4 riders can explore the beautiful Englefield Estate on horseback.

Adult Private

Adult one to one or semi-private (with a friend)

Extra Fun


Everyone welcome from 5 years old to 15 years old. The day runs from 9am until 2pm and is jam packed with riding, horse care and activities.

Summer Camp

Everyone welcome from 8 years old to 15 years old. This 3 day and 2-night residential camp is the highlight of the year.

Birthday Parties

Groups of children of all ages (minimum of 5, maximum of 12) An hour of pony fun.

Please fill out rider registration form:

Date's 2023

Tuesday 14th February

Wednesday 15th February

Monday 3rd April

Wednesday 5th April 

Thursday 6th April

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Summer Camp 2023

Monday 7-9 August